The Purpose of the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council is to aid  in the location and/or rescue of the missing person in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other jurisdictions, as requested. 

PSARC Provides Pennsylvania with


Well trained and equipped resources.

PSARC member teams capabilities are rated on a 1 to 4 level. Level 1 teams meeting the highest requirements. 

Coordinating mission response.

With a database of search teams and resources PSARC is able to dispatch the proper resources when needed.

Providing education on search and rescue to local officials.

Educating and preplanning before someone goes missing can save lives. PSARC  can help provide the proper information needed to conduct a search for a missing person.

Providing preventative search and rescue education to the public.

Search teams are available for community events to help educate the public about the services search teams provide along with educational info and tips to help prevent someone from going missing.

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Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

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